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Government Of Assam West Karbi Anglong District

Disaster Management

The West Karbi Anglong district comprises of both hilly terrain and plain. (The plain are running along the North Eastern boundary and the hilly terrain lied at North – Western) Due to the presence of both geographic features the district is prone to many hazards like earthquake, flood, landslide, cyclone, forest fire occurred mainly in the plain area of the district. The man – made/ unnatural hazards/ disaster like terrorism, riots, ethnic clashes and road accident happen somehow due to poor road network along the line of rugged relief. The District Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) of West Karbi Anglong has been trying to visualize measures to mitigate disaster imparting training and awareness programmes including media and printed documents for public and Govt. official preparing disaster management plan for any kind of disaster planned and sustained development is one of the main features of Disaster Management, hence much more emphasized given by the District Administration to develop the District Disaster Management plan, so that it will be more useful to handle disaster timely in near future. Above all, this will be a true guide to a disaster manager at district level, since it provide all necessary information regarding human resources, equipments & critical supplies required for effective and timely response to any critical situation.
Importance of Hazard/ Disaster Management
    Disaster is the output of numerous extreme hazards and is outside human control. But this can be handle or tackle by introducing awareness programme, demonstration, by educating the people how to react with extreme situation before, during and after the disaster.
    West Karbi Anglong is a multi hazard district and it is vulnerable to hazards like earthquake, flash flood, landslide, cyclone including man-made hazards like road accidents, terrorism, riots etc. The weak geological, difficult terrain and ardour communication has made the district more vulnerable to hazards. So the district plan has been designed as per the present need and the major strategies towards preparedness, mitigation, response, rehabilitation and development to any disaster. In the multi – hazard district plan, all the disaster will be handled properly following the given response mechanism like Standard Operating System (SOP) , use of resources inventory, keeping coordination with the line agencies and proper community based awareness activities. SOP of all line departments is designed to make them alert. It highlight their role and responsibilities during, after and normal time of disaster.
    The objective behind the preparation of the District Disaster Management plan (DDMA). The following are the objectives highlight as follows – 

    To mitigate impact of natural and man – made disaster through preparedness at District, Block and Village level.
   The District Disaster Management Plan (DDMP) helps to bring the information related to equipments, skill man power and critical supplies available in the District.
    It helps to know the Standard Operating procedures of various departments at the times of Disaster. The role & responsibilities of each and every line departments as well as the officer can be detected at the time of Disaster.
   It helps the district Administration to assess its own capacity in terms of available resources and get ready to mitigate any unexpected disaster effectively and to prevent the loss of human life’s and property through preparedness, prevention and mitigation of disaster.
    To assist line Departments, Blocks, Administration, Communities in developing compatible skills for disaster preparedness and management.
    To viewed factual information in timely, accurate and tactful manner while maintaining confidentiality.
    To develop immediate and long 0- term support plans for vulnerable people in during disaster.
    To develop and have response system in place to face any situation (eventuality).